How to Use the WP Optimize Plugin?


In the bustling digital world where every millisecond counts, your WordPress website’s performance isn’t just important—it’s the heartbeat of your online presence. That’s where WP Optimize steps in, to ensure your site not only survives but also thrives in the competitive online world. WP Optimize allows you to fine-tune every aspect of your site. Let’s delve into the world of WP Optimize and discover how to use the WP Optimize Plugin and how this crucial plugin can transform your WordPress experience.

What is the WP Optimize Plugin?

How to Use the WP Optimize Plugin

The WP Optimize plugin is a powerful plugin for optimizing and cleaning your WordPress database. It enhances the performance and speed of your website by removing unnecessary data, compressing pictures, and caching pages. This plugin is designed to be simple and includes several features to meet different requirements and preferences.

How to Install WP Optimize Plugin?

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard. Go to the Plugin Section.
  • Click Add New.
Go to Wordpress dashboard and click add new to install WP Optimize plugin
  • Enter “WP Optimize” into the search bar. 
  • Install and activate the plugin.
Install and activate the WP optimize plugin

First, Visit the official WP Optimize website, then purchase and download the plugin file. To install WP Optimize Premium, follow our guide to installing a plugin from a zip file. You can easily upgrade to the premium version using this method.

How to Use the WP Optimize Plugin?

WP Optimize provides several features to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website. Here’s a quick overview of how to use the WP Optimize plugin. Make sure to take a backup before setting up any new plugin.

Optimize Your Database

  • Navigate to WP Admin Panel » WP Optimize » Database
Optimize Your Database with WP optimize plugin
  • The Database has options for removing unwanted revisions, comments, post data, and temporary options. 
  • Select the optimization you want to conduct. After making your choice, press the “Run all selected optimizations” option to start the process.
Navigate to WP Admin Panel

Optimizing Your Images

  • Navigate to WP Optimize->Images
  • Turn on ‘Automatically compress newly-added images‘ to ensure that any future images you add are compressed.
  • Choose the Prioritize retention of detail option in the compression section.
Optimizing Your Images with WP Optimize plugin
  • If you scroll down the page, you will see a list of your uncompressed website photos.
  • After selecting the image, click “Compress the selected images.”
Compress the selected images with WP optimize plugin
  • The WP Optimize plugin will begin optimizing your photos. You can select from services which are ShortPixel, Imagify,, and Nitrosmush. The default service is to optimizes your images.
  • Your image will be optimized according to your chosen setting.

Cache Settings

  • Navigate to WP-Optimize>Cache
  • In Page cache option, enable page caching, and from cache settings choose to generate separate files for mobile devices options.
Cache Settings in WP optimize plugin
  • Gzip compression and static file caching should be done before enabling cache. Enable the option under the ‘Gzip compression‘ tab.
Gzip compression settings in WP Optimize plugin
  • Enable browser static file caching in the Static file headers tab.
Static file headers in the WP Optimize plugin

Minifying Setting

  • Navigate to the WP Optimize > Minify section.
  • To begin code minification, turn on your WordPress site’s ‘Enable Minify‘ feature.
  • The default settings will automatically minify your WordPress website’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files without any additional changes. 
Minifying Setting in wp op optimize plugin


WP Optimize is an essential plugin for anyone who wants to keep their WordPress website running smoothly. WP Optimize makes optimizing websites easier so you can concentrate on creating great content and interacting with your audience.


Does WP Optimize’s free edition optimize images?

WP-Optimize may provide a limited free quota for image optimization. Upgrading to premium allows for unlimited optimization.

How does WP Optimize enhance the functionality of my website?

WP-Optimize enhances the functionality of your website by removing unnecessary information from your database, reducing the size of image files through compression, and caching pages for quicker load times.

What should I do if WP Optimize isn’t working properly?

WP-Optimize offers warnings and troubleshooting options in case you run into problems. For more assistance, check out the plugin’s documentation or support forums. If the situation persists, consider contacting their support team for help.

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