How to Install WordPress Theme From ZIP File?


Installing a WordPress theme from a ZIP file is a straightforward process that can dramatically change the look and functionality of your website. So, in this article, we’ll look at how to install WordPress theme from ZIP file on your website.

How to Install WordPress Theme From ZIP File?

If you purchased a premium theme or otherwise found a theme that isn’t listed at, this is the easiest method for you to install a WordPress theme by uploading a .ZIP file on your site.

Step 1: Download Theme ZIP File

To start, download the theme you purchased from the theme marketplace or company you bought it from. Save the downloaded zip file to your computer. Most premium theme providers and custom theme developers will offer the theme as a downloadable ZIP file.

Step 2: Go to WordPress Dashboard

Go to your WordPress dashboard to install a WordPress theme from a ZIP file. This is the primary interface for managing all aspects of your WordPress site, including theme installation.

Step 3: Go to Themes Section

How to Install WordPress Theme From ZIP File?

Once logged into your WordPress dashboard, locate the “Appearance” option on the left-hand side and select “Themes.” This section lets you manage your existing themes and add new ones.

Step 4: Upload the ZIP File

Upload the ZIP File you Download

On the “Add Themes” page, there is a “Upload Theme” button at the top. This button will launch a file upload dialog. Click “Choose File” to browse your computer for your theme’s ZIP file. After you’ve picked the file, click “Install Now.”

Step 5: Activate the Theme

Activate the Theme

After you click “Install Now,” WordPress will upload and install the theme for you. This process could take a few moments. When the theme is installed, you will receive a success message and the opportunity to activate it. Click “Activate” to enable the newly installed theme on your website.


Installing a WordPress theme from a ZIP file is a simple and efficient approach to customizing your website. By following these instructions, you may upload, install, and activate any theme you like, giving your site a new and distinct look. Whether you’re using a premium theme or a custom-designed one, the process is simple and intuitive.


What should I do if my theme fails to upload?

If your theme fails to upload, ensure you are using the correct ZIP file provided by the theme developer. If the issue persists, check your hosting server’s file size limits or try uploading the theme via FTP.

How can I ensure my theme is compatible with my WordPress version?

Most theme developers specify the WordPress version compatibility in the theme documentation. Always check this before purchasing or downloading a theme.

How can I preview a theme before activating it?

You can preview a theme before activating it by clicking on the “Live Preview” button in the Themes section. This allows you to see how the theme will look on your site without making it active for visitors.

Is it possible to revert to my previous theme after activating a new one?

Yes, you can switch back to your previous theme anytime. Go to the Themes section, find your previous theme, and click “Activate.”

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