5 Best Wordpress Migration Plugins


Are you looking for the best WordPress migration plugin to move your website?

While it is simple to create a new WordPress site, moving an existing website to a new hosting company is not as simple. To make sure that everything goes smoothly, you’ll need a WordPress migration plugin to help you manage the process. So, in this article, we’ll go over the best WordPress migration plugins for your website.

Best Wordpress Migration Plugins

1. All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

All in One WP Migration Plugin

All-in-One WP migration is a popular WordPress plugin that makes site migrating simple and effective. It helps to migrate your site to a new server, clone it for testing, or simply generate a backup. It is the best plugin for wordpress migration for both new and experienced developers because to its user-friendly design and comprehensive features.

Features All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

  • Drag and Drop Import
  • Full Site Export
  • No PHP Requirements
  • Unlimited Find and Replace
  • Backup and Restore
  • Multisite Support
  • Cloud Storage Integration

All-in-One WP Plugin Stats

Active InstallsOver 3 million
Rating4.8 out of 5 stars
Community SupportActive forums and user community

Pricing of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

It offers a free version with core features, but for advanced functionalities and larger site migrations, there are premium options available:

Unlimited Extension: $69 
Multisite Extension: $199 

Pros and Cons of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

User-friendly interfaceThe Free version has a 512MB export size limit
No dependencies on PHP extensionsSome advanced features require premium version
Drag and drop import functionalityLimited customization options
Supports full site exportSupports full-site export
Compatible with most hosting providers
Reliable performance with minimal errors

2. Updraftplus


UpdraftPlus is a popular and highly regarded backup and migration plugin for WordPress. It provides a full solution for WordPress backup, restoration, and migration. Millions of customers throughout the world rely on UpdraftPlus because of its dependability and extensive feature set. The plugin includes scheduled backups, many cloud storage options, and seamless site migration.

Features of UpdraftPlus Plugin

  • Automated Backups
  • Cloud Storage Integration
  • One-Click Restore
  • Incremental Backups
  • Database Encryption
  • Site Migration and Cloning
  • Multisite Support
  • Backup Encryption

UpdraftPlus Plugin Stats

Active InstallsOver 3 million
Average Rating4.8 out of 5 stars
Community SupportActive forums and user community

Pricing of UpdraftPlus Plugin

UpdraftPlus offers both free and premium versions, with the premium version unlocking advanced features and support. In the Premium Version, pricing starts at $70 per year for personal use.

Pros and Cons of the UpdraftPlus Plugin

User-friendly interfaceThe free version has limited features
Supports multiple cloud storage optionsNo built-in staging environment
Automated and incremental backupsMay not be ideal for high-activity e-commerce sites
Schedule Flexibility
Reliable and secure

3. Duplicator


Duplicator is a simple and flexible WordPress plugin for site migration, backup, and cloning. It makes it easier to migrate WordPress websites to new places, duplicate them for testing purposes, and create full site backups. Duplicator, trusted by millions of users, stands out for its versatility and ease of use, making it an indispensable tool for both developers and website owners.

Features of Duplicator Plugin

  • Site Cloning and Migration
  • Full Site Backup
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Drag and Drop Install
  • Multisite Support
  • Database Serialization
  • Cloud Storage Integration
  • Email Notifications

Duplicator Plugin Stats

Active InstallsOver 1 million
Average Rating4.9 out of 5 stars
Community SupportActive forums and user community

Pricing of Duplicator Plugin

Duplicator offers both a free version with essential features and a Pro version with advanced functionalities

Basic pricing starts at $99 per year for a personal license.
Plus price is $199 per year, which covers 3 sites.
Pro price is $399 per year, which covers 15 sites.
Gold License is $299 per year, which covers unlimited sites.

Pros and Cons of Duplicator Plugin

Easy to use and configureFree version has limited features
Comprehensive site cloning and migrationCloud storage integration requires Pro version
Supports full site backup
Create Custom Backups
Recovery Points and 1-Click Restore
Built-in Search and Replace

4. BackupBuddy Plugin

BackupBuddy Plugin

BackupBuddy is a comprehensive WordPress plugin created by iThemes that can handle all of your backup, restore, and migration requirements. Since its inception in 2010, BackupBuddy has been a trusted solution for millions of WordPress users, providing strong capabilities to ensure your site’s data is secure and quickly recoverable. Whether you need to backup your complete site, recover it after a crash, or migrate it to a new server, it is a good migration plugin for wordpress.

Features of BackupBuddy Plugin

  • Full Site Backups
  • Scheduled Backups
  • Stash Live
  • Cloud Storage Integration
  • Database Rollback
  • Malware Scanning
  • Individual File Restore
  • Migrate Existing Site

BackupBuddy Plugin Stats

Active InstallsOver 1 million
Average Rating4.6 out of 5 stars
Community SupportActive forums and support from iThemes

Pricing of BackupBuddy Plugin

Price starts from the basic plan which is $99, the Plus plan for $199, and the premium plan for $299.

Pros and Cons of BackupBuddy Plugin

Comprehensive backup solutionNo free version is available
Compatible with most of the PHP hosting providersLimited features in basic plans
Easy site migration and restoration
Supports multiple cloud storage options

5. Jetpack VaultPress

Jetpack VaultPress

VaultPress is a migration plugin for Wordpress created by Automattic, the company that powers WordPress.com. And that’s a good thing for many WP users looking to migrate their sites in the most seamless way possible. VaultPress is designed to safeguard your website from data loss, malware, and other security concerns. It includes real-time backup and automated security scanning. Its seamless integration with Jetpack expands its capabilities, making it a complete solution for site security and backup.

Features of Jetpack VaultPress Plugin

  • Real-Time Backup
  • Automated Restores
  • Security Scanning
  • Site Migration
  • Daily and On-Demand Backups
  • Activity Logs

Stats of Jetpack VaultPress Plugin

Active InstallsOver 1 million
Average Rating4.5 out of 5 stars
Community SupportActive forums and support from Automattic

Pricing of Jetpack VaultPress Plugin

Its price starts from $9.95/ per month.

Pros and Cons of VaultPress Plugin

Ease of useRequires Jetpack subscription
Automated security scanningNo free version available
One-click site restoresNo option to store your data using third party services
Seamless integration with Jetpack
Reliable and trusted by Automattic
Lots of features in one package
Monthly or annual billing


Migrating a WordPress site may appear difficult, but with the correct tools and knowledge, it becomes a simple task. We have discussed many WordPress migration plugins to choose from and every plugin has its pros and cons. We hope this article helped you to choose the best WordPress migration plugins.


Can I move a huge WordPress site without downtime?

Yes, you can move a huge WordPress site without downtime by using many of these migration plugins. These plugins are designed for large site migrations, reducing downtime by effectively handling data and allowing you to test the new site before switching.

How long does WordPress migration take?

Depending on the size of the site you’re migrating, the import process can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours.

Do I need technical skills to use a migration plugin?

Most migration plugins for Wordpress are designed to be user-friendly and do not require advanced technical skills. However, basic knowledge of WordPress and web hosting can be helpful.

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