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Popups are effective tools for digital marketers to engage website visitors. They can be used to collect email addresses, promote special offers, grow social media following, and so on.  That’s why we’ve tried different popup plugins to know about their features, settings, and statistics. So, in this article, we’ll discuss the best popup plugins for WordPress that help you get leads and improve conversion rates.

Features to Look for in Popup Plugins

When choosing the best popup plugin for your WordPress site, it’s important to consider several key features:

  • The plugin should have a user-friendly interface, allowing you to create and manage popups without any technical expertise.
  • Look for plugins that offer a wide range of customization options to match the look and feel of your website.
  • Advanced targeting and triggering options help you display popups to the right audience at the right time.
  • Ensure the plugin integrates with your email marketing services and other tools.
  • Built-in analytics can help you track the performance of your popups and make data-driven decisions.

5 Best Popup Plugins For WordPress

1. Popup Maker

Popup Maker Plugin: One of the Best Popup Plugins For WordPress

Popup Maker is a versatile WordPress plugin that enables website owners to generate and manage popups efficiently. It is used to create different types of popups, lightboxes and screen overlays etc.

This plugin is great for companies who want to increase user engagement, promote offers, collect leads, and show vital messages. Popup Maker has a variety of customizable features and integrations, making it a popular choice among WordPress users.

Features of Popup Maker Plugin

  • Customizable Popups
  • Targeting Conditions
  • Trigger Options Integration
  • Analytics
  • Responsive Design
  • Cookie Management
  • Accessibility
  • Developer-Friendly
Active Installations700,000+
Average Rating4.8/5
Number of Reviews2,000+
Free Version Downloads1,000,000+
Premium Customers10,000+
Supported Languages10+

Pricing of Popup Maker Plugin

Its free version is available and premium version starts from $87 per year.

Pros and Cons of Popup Maker Plugin

Highly customizable and versatileFree version has limited features
Multiple trigger and targeting optionsThe free version has limited features
Integration with major email marketing toolsMay affect site load time if not optimized
Detailed analytics and reporting
Responsive and mobile-friendly design
Accessibility features

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Popup Plugin

OptinMonster is a sophisticated lead-generating and conversion optimization solution aimed at marketers and website owners. This WordPress plugin enables users to develop visually appealing opt-in forms and popups to expand their email lists, reduce cart abandonment, and boost website conversion rates. OptinMonster is ideal for organizations of all sizes looking to increase their online marketing efforts, thanks to its simple design and extensive range of capabilities.

Features of Optinmonster Plugin

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Multiple Campaign Types
  • Targeting Rules
  • Exit-Intent Technology
  • A/B Testing
  • Page-Level Targeting
  • Analytics
  • Seamless WordPress Integration
  • Customizable Templates
  • Smart Triggers

OptinMonster Plugin Stats

Active Installations1,200,000+
Average Rating4.5/5
Number of Reviews3,500+
Premium Customers50,000+
Supported Languages20+

Pricing of OptinMonster Popup Plugin

It is a premium plugin and starts at $9 per month.

Pros and Cons of OptinMonster Plugin

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop builderHigher cost compared to some competitors
Advanced targeting and segmentation optionsCustomer support can be slow during peak times
Wide range of campaign typesLimited design customization on lower plans
Exit-intent technology to reduce bounce rates
Extensive integrations with email services
Detailed analytics and A/B testing
Pre-built and customizable templates

3. TrustPulse

TrustPulse Plugin

TrustPulse is a social-proof notification plugin that aims to assist website owners increase conversions and build trust with their users. TrustPulse uses real-time activity notifications to generate a sense of urgency and credibility.

This WordPress plugin is very beneficial for increasing purchases, building email lists, and driving user interaction by displaying real-time customer actions on your website.

Features of TrustPulse Plugin

  • Real-Time Event Tracking
  • Customizable Notifications.
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Smart Timing Control
  • Actionable Insights
  • Easy Integration
  • One-Click Installation
  • Translation Ready

TrustPulse Popup Plugin Stats

Active Installations50,000+
Average Rating4.6/5
Free Version Downloads100,000+
Premium Customers5,000+
Supported Languages10+

Pricing of TrustPulse Plugin

It has a free version but with limited features. Premium starts from $5 per month.

Pros and Cons of TrustPulse Plugin

Easy to set up and useLimited customization options in lower plans
Real-time social proof notificationsHigher pricing for advanced features
Increases trust and credibilityLimited to social proof notifications
Advanced targeting and timing controlLearning curve for new users
Detailed analytics and insightsSome users report occasional display issues
Mobile-optimized notifications
Seamless integration with popular platforms
Customizable notifications

4. Omnisend

Omnisend Popup Plugin

Omnisend is a powerful WordPress popup plugin that can increase your site’s efficiency. It is a complete email and SMS marketing automation software that helps eCommerce firms increase revenue and engage customers more efficiently.

Omnisend offers a unified platform for managing email, SMS, and other marketing channels, allowing customers to develop tailored, targeted campaigns that drive conversions. This plugin is especially valuable for online shops that want to automate their marketing activities and give a seamless, omnichannel experience to their customers.

Features of Omnisend Plugin

  • Email Campaigns
  • SMS Marketing
  • Automation Workflows
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Product Recommendations
  • Popups and Forms
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Multichannel Marketing
  • A/B Testing

Omnisend Plugin Stats

Active Users80,000+
Average Rating4.5/5
Supported Languages20+
eCommerce Platform SupportShopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and more

Pricing of Omnisend plugin

The free version is available. The paid version starts from $16 per month.

Pros and Cons of Omnisend Plugin

Comprehensive marketing automation platformHigher pricing for advanced features
Easy-to-use drag-and-drop builderSome users report occasional bugs
Supports email, SMS, and moreOnly available in English and doesn’t provide any other languages
Advanced segmentation and targetingEmail design options can be limited
Seamless integration with eCommerce platforms
Detailed analytics and reporting
Excellent customer support
Multichannel marketing capabilities
E-commerce oriented

5. Bloom

Bloom popup plugin

Bloom is created by Elegant Themes, a sophisticated email opt-in and lead-generation plugin for WordPress. It is intended to assist website owners in expanding their email lists and increasing conversions by designing attractive and effective opt-in forms.

Bloom provides a multitude of modification and display choices, making it simple to develop forms that complement your website’s design and pique visitor interest. It is the best popup plugin for wordpress and valuable for bloggers, marketers, and organizations that want to improve their email marketing efforts.

Features of Bloom Popup Plugin

  • Multiple Opt-In Types
  • Form Customization
  • Trigger Options
  • Targeting Options
  • A/B Testing
  • Statistics Dashboard
  • Responsive Design
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Import/Export

Bloom Plugin Stats

Active Installations100,000+
Average Rating4.4/5
Premium Customers50,000+
Supported Languages10+
WordPress Compatibility4.9 and up


Bloom is included in Elegant Themes membership and starts from $89 per year.

Pros and Cons of Bloom Plugin

Highly customizable opt-in formsNo free version is available
Multiple form types and trigger optionsMay impact site performance if not optimized
A/B testing for optimizationNo drag-and-drop builder
Integrates with major email services
Detailed statistics and conversion tracking
Responsive and mobile-friendly design
Import/export functionality
115 templates to get you started

Learn how to create pop-ups without plugins.


Having a good popup plugin is important to get leads and attract website visitors. We’ve shared the 5 best popup plugins for wordpress to increase your conversion rates. We hope that this guide will help you and you can easily choose the wordpress popup plugin for your website.


Do popup plugins affect website speed?

Some wordpress popup plugin plugins can influence website speed if they are not correctly optimized. It’s important to select a lightweight plugin and constantly test your site’s performance.

How do A/B testing features work in wordpress popup plugins?

A/B testing enables you to create numerous versions of a popup and compare them to determine which performs better. You can try out alternative headlines, pictures calls to action, and overall designs. The plugin collects data on each version’s performance, allowing you to customize your popups for improved conversion rates.

How do I ensure that popups are not intrusive to users?

To avoid becoming invasive, popups should be used sparingly and carefully. Set appropriate triggers, such as time delays or exit intent, and make sure the popups offer genuine value to the user, such as discounts or crucial information. Additionally, providing a convenient means to close the popup can improve the user experience.

What are smart targeting options in the wordpress popup plugins?

Smart targeting options enable you to display popups depending on specific criteria like user behavior, location, referral source, device kind, or page visited. This guarantees that your popups are relevant to the audience viewing them, hence enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

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